AAA 2024 Testimonial Anita Goyal MBE

“It is important to track, promote and celebrate the growth of such diverse voices that contribute to making Britain a better place. I am delighted the AAA is returning and look forward to being actively engaged.”

Anita Goyal MBE, Philanthropist

AAA 2024 Testimonial Asifa Lahore

“I applaud AAA for choosing to reflect the true diversity of our community, bringing attention to it within the British South Asian community and the wider national community.”

Asifa Lahore, Britain’s first Out Muslim Drag Queen and award winning LGBT+ activist

AAA 2024 Testimonial Amitabh Shah

“Being Charity Partner for the AAA in 2019 helped our charity raise more than £200,000 directly and over £2m indirectly. This enabled access to education, sanitation, drinking water, scholarships and more for thousands more underprivileged children across India. We are sure the Awards will go from strength to strength and support our community’s growth.”

Amitabh Shah, Founder, Yuva Unstoppable

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